Karen Cameron


For Students: An Interim Evaluation of Need?

If a full diagnostic assessment for the purposes of obtaining DSA is not possible, an Interim Evaluation of Need may provide a solution.

I am continuing to provide face to face, full diagnostic assessments, which take place in a COVID-secure environment.

However, where face to face assessments are not possible for students at university, I can provide a remote Interim Evaluation of Need via Zoom.

These have been authorised by SASC (The Specific Learning Difficulties Assessment Committee), one of my governing bodies.

The subsequent reports are being accepted by Student Finance England as evidence for claiming Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA) up to 31st December 2020.

Given the continued presence of COVID-19 in the environment, I imagine that this deadline will be extended, as it was from its first deadline of 31st August 2020.

An Interim Evaluation of Need provides a workable solution for those seeking to obtain support and examination accommodations whilst at university.

It must be stressed that an Interim Evaluation of Need does not provide a diagnosis of a specific learning difficulty.

However, if a face to face assessment becomes a possibility for you within six months of the Interim Evaluation of Need you can attend for the parts of the assessment which were not carried out remotely and I will upgrade your report to a full diagnostic report.

This will require your attendance at my address in Hertfordshire and will incur an additional cost.

If you would like to find out more about obtaining an Interim Evaluation of Need please contact me.

Further information about Interim Evaluations of Need can be found on the SASC website.

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