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Dear Karen
The report is very useful and beneficial, thank you. I am sending it to the school today and have arranged for S to have a specialist sight test.
We will follow up on your recommendations and work through them in priority order.
Your support is much appreciated, thank you
L, mother of an 18-year-old daughter

It was so lovely to meet you too last week and thank you very much for the report indeed (received safely!).
I’ve had a skim and it looks fabulous but will take me a bit of time go through properly and do justice to all the amazing content.
Will come back to you with any questions.
T loved meeting you and thank you for putting us both so much at ease with you warm and very professional approach!
And personally I can’t tell you how amazing it is to talk to someone about this that really understands and gets it!
A huge thank you again!
RM, mother of an 8-year-old son

Thank you for seeing K last week.
Despite him being very nervous beforehand he said he had really enjoyed the assessment.
We really appreciate you taking the time to fully explore his difficulties, especially regarding handwriting.
We were very grateful to receive your very comprehensive report.
AS, mother of a 10-year-old son

Good morning Karen, Thank you for your email, and your time last week.
I just wanted to say thank you for making [my son] feel so at ease at the assessment! He has spoken so positively about his time with you and has really taken on board the diagnosis and the fact that he has the potential to achieve in his studies, he just has to work a little hard then his peers to do this.
CK, mother of a 7-year-old son

Thanks so much. I received the report and am reading through it now. Really appreciate you sending it over so quickly.
It was lovely to meet you too and [my daughter] found it a thoroughly enjoyable experience and felt a great sense of relief when we left on Tuesday. It worked really well to chat to you briefly on Monday evening too [on Zoom], it meant she wasn't nervous about doing the assessment on Tuesday morning, which was really helpful.
Mrs M, mother of a year 5 child

Thank you Karen
It was lovely to meet you too. You put Sam at his ease immediately - which isn't always easy with a teenager!
That was a very comprehensive report and it's helped me understand some of the things Sam is finding so difficult.
You were brilliant.
Mrs L.

Dear Karen
Lovely to meet you yesterday; many thanks for your kind and gentle approach.
You met my son where he was and worked sympathetically and thoroughly to assess his needs.
The report you produced was professional, informative, well evidenced and full of helpful recommendations
for us as parents as well as our son's teachers.
Mrs S.

Hello Karen,
Thank you for making us feel so relaxed with the test.
What made me chuckle is that she'd done a 3 hour test and all she spoke of was Oscar (my cat)
Mrs C.

Thank you so much for all your help to get this completed in such a short time.
You have been outstanding and I am very grateful.
Mrs H.

Hello Karen,
Thankyou for the reports; we are now moving forward with the Uni report
so T can take best advantage of the opportunity with your help preparing such a detailed report.
Again Thankyou for all your help this week.
Mr H.

Hi Karen,
It was great to meet you today.
Thank you for an enjoyable assessment and the effort and attention you gave.
Mr F.

Hi Karen
Thank you so much for your very thorough report. I have arranged for a meeting with the SENCo team on 30/1 to discuss options for supporting S.
S very much enjoyed undertaking the assessment and you were very encouraging and patient with him.
It was also very interesting/enlightening for me to observe what happens in such an assessment.
I am sure that he will be able to start working towards his potential following this.
Kind Regards

Hi Karen
Thank you for your quick response and thanks again for all your help.
L is getting lots of help in school as a result of your report and we can really see her gaining in confidence.
Best wishes
Mrs T

Dear Karen
Thank you very for such an in depth and clear report! It is very informative and helpful and we are really happy with it! :-)
I'll no doubt be in touch in the future!
Kind regards
Mrs Mc

The report is very helpful. (That is an understatement. It is excellent).
Mr S

Hello Karen
I received R's report yesterday.
It is so comprehensive and will be invaluable in supporting her.

I am so glad I found Karen. When we arrived to have my daughters assessment she was friendly and put us all at ease straight away. Karen explained the initial results to me at the end which enabled me to ask questions to get a real understanding of the results. The report Karen sent us was thorough and gave recommendations for us at home as well for the school. I have already recommended her to other parents, as she is amazing!!!
Mrs B

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