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Useful information

Information for me

Is this report for a specific purpose e.g. Disabled Students Allowance, Exam Access Arrangements or a diagnosis of a Specific Learning Difficulty?

What questions do you hope the report will answer and what is the desired outcome?

Is there a history of speech/language or motor skills delay/difficulties?

Is there a history of failure to achieve academic potential?

Are there school/college/work concerns or any relevant reports provided by other professionals?

Will the report form part of an application for an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP)?

In the case of a child, will you explain to your child why they are being assessed as well as the outcome?

Information for you

I will only share the report with you and relevant teaching professionals, and only with your permission.

I will not use excessive, unsuitable or unnecessary tests.

I will keep the report safely for the length of time specified in my privacy policy, with which you will be provided at the time of booking an assessment.

I am insured, qualified, experienced and a registered data controller.

I have current enhanced DBS (CRB) clearance.

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